2020 Spring

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2020 Spring

  • December 3rd @ 7:00pm-8:00pm
  • December 5th @ 8:00pm-9:00pm
  • Same Time for all ages.

Fall Season: During the Fall season our focus shifts from as many live reps as possible, to more of a focus on improving the mental side of the game so that we are ready for next Spring. We plan to start with the basics to make sure we are fundamentally sound, and we will build from there. Being a mentally tough athlete and person will give us a better chance of being successful more often. Fall will be about improving physically as well, but the focus will be on learning and thinking the game the right way. We believe that with this approach the kids will learn to react and play the game with confidence.In order for us to compete at a higher level, we all need to buy in.

Next spring the expectation will be to not only improve, to always compete with any team we play. Every Coach, Parent, and Player need to be committed to the team in order for us to be successful. Commitment to improving your game will come by: showing up to every practice on time, putting in extra work at home, getting in extra training whenever possible and being a good teammate. We promise to put in the work every day as well to make sure each athlete is prepared to compete at their best. Our job is to make sure each athlete leaves a better baseball player, but more importantly a better person. When everyone buys in to the program to help us establish that “winning” culture, then we will be successful.

Spring Season: Now is the time to show off everything we learned and did during the fall. This is competitive baseball, and we want to compete with the best. During this time we expect players do continue to hone in their own skills and continue to learn more about the game.