Who are we?

A developmental organization committed to helping ballplayers find an approach to the game as well as their approach to life.

Why are we here?

To pass along the fundamentals of the game through an experienced coaching staff led by 1st Team All-American Goose Kallunki.

Whats the next step?

Schedule your evaluation.  The Athlete will get an evaluation that will asses how well they move as well as strength potential, and skill strengths and weaknesses.  From this evaluation, our staff will create a training program that matches the athletes needs.

What we offer

Sport Skill Training

Based on the athlete’s sport, our trainers provide sport specific growth programs for members.  Members attend daily training sessions to improve their sport specific skill.

Customized Lifting Program

Based on the athlete’s evaluation, our coaches will create a customized strength program that suits the needs and demands of the individual athlete.  The strength programs are based on the sport specific needs of the athlete.

Speed and Agility

Our speed and agility programs are based on the specific demands of the various sports that our athletes participate in.  Our plans are generated specifically for the individual athletes needs.

Track Growth

Using state of the art training equipment, all members will be able to quantify their growth and analyze best training practices.